Nathan Chen on His Disappointing Olympics Nothing Really Clicked Together

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Nathan Chen on His Disappointing Olympics Nothing Really Clicked Together

Team U.S.'s golden boy, 18-year-old Nathan Chen, has had a rough week in Pyeongchang. The first-time Olympian and quad-jump extraordinaire stumbled during his short performance Thursday night to end up 17th overall. Japan's 23-year-old _Yuzuru Hanyu came out on top with a score of 111.68 points and a program that, despite an ankle injury that kept him off the ice leading up to the games, impressed the judges with its technical execution and grace.

'It just was rough; nothing really clicked together,' Chen said to The New York Times. 'I did all the right stuff going into it. It should have been different, but stuff happens.'

Chen and Hanyu have competed alongside each other before, and Chen has defeated Hanyu twice in the past year, including at the Rostelecom Cup, the first of the season's Grand Prix events, in October 2017. On Thursday, Chen immediately followed Hanyu on the ice and appeared to be nerve-free, despite his stumbles.

'I've skated after him before and skated well,' Chen said of Hanyu to the Times. 'Obviously that didn't happen here, but I don't think that was really too much of a role.'

The U.S.'s 28-year-old Adam Rippon, on the other hand, landed in seventh after his short program and a clean skate. He told USA Today that he has one secret.

'Let me tell you a story,' he said. 'When I am on the ice in this costume I am essentially completely naked with crystals covering my nipples. Is that O.K.' The officials say it is O.K.'


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