Mauricio Pochettino oblivious to Harry Kane goal appeal I dont care who scores them

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Mauricio Pochettino oblivious to Harry Kane goal appeal I dont care who scores them

Mauricio Pochettino said that he was not even aware that Tottenham Hotspur had appealed to the Premier League for their second goal against Stoke City on Saturday to be re-assigned to Harry Kane and not Christian Eriksen.

The Spurs manager was bemused at the attention the incident has received, with a number of current and former players, including Premier League top goalscorer Mohammad Salah expressing their surprise that the goal was credited to Kane. The Spurs man, who has won the golden boot for the two previous seasons, is now second with 25, four behind Salah, having claimed Eriksen's shot clipped his shoulder for the winning goal.

Pochettino, speaking at the club's training ground, said: 'After the game, Harry said, 'I touched the ball with my right shoulder'. He told Christian and I think Harry is a very honest person and of course he is not going to lie about this situation. It is not a big issue. It is not a big deal for the team.

'The goal provides us three points. All that happened after, it's about player decision. For me I am more than happy if Christian scored twice or Harry or Dele Alli. For me I don't care who scores the goal, I care about the three points. It was a club decision to appeal and I wasn't involved in this decision.

'I'm sure that Harry and Christian agreed to do this but no-one said to me 'This is what is going to happen'. For me it's between them and the club believed it was right to do the appeal. Nothing to say from me.

'It is not a big deal. I promise you. Harry is generous. Harry is a person that always puts the collective before himself. All strikers need to feel the net and want to score. They have the skill and the accuracy and determination. Harry always shows his commitment with the team, with his team-mates.


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Date Posted: Thu, 12 Apr 2018, 09:44 am

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