Who is Callum Hawkins Marathon runner who collapsed during the Commonwealth Games 2018 when leading the race

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Who is Callum Hawkins Marathon runner who collapsed during the Commonwealth Games 2018 when leading the race

Who is Callum Hawkins?

Callum Hawkins is a 25-year-old British distance runner from Scotland.

He is the all-time Great Britain number 2 (and European all-time number six) at half marathon, behind Mo Farah.

He is also the 2016 winner, and course record holder, of the Great Scottish Run – and was the first British winner of the event in 23 years.

He was trained in distance running by his dad Robert, a former international runner himself.

What happened at the Commonwealth Games?

Callum was unfortunately taken ill just one mile short of the finish line during the marathon.

He was taken away in an ambulance after collapsing during the race.

The Gold Coast is experiencing extremely hot conditions, which may have contributed to his condition.

The 25-year-old runner had a two-minute lead and was on track for a gold medal.

However, he suddenly began weaving before falling over the kerb.

Callum managed to get up and continued running for a few hundred more metres before collapsing again and hitting his head on a roadside barrier.

He was seen to be responsive when helped into an ambulance.

Fellow Scottish runner Steph Twell was seen dashing to the scene to help Callum as he was taken away for medical help.
Have Team Scotland made any statements on his condition?

A Team Scotland statement said: "Callum has been taken to hospital for medical review following his collapse as is standard procedure. We are pleased to report he is sitting up and speaking with his dad and Team Scotland medical staff.

"He is undergoing further tests as a precaution and we all wish him a speedy recovery."

Peter Jardine of Scottish Athletics told BBC Scotland Hawkins, who had been running for a little over two hours, initially refused medical treatment after collapsing because he "feared he would be disqualified".

Did the ambulance service arrive quickly?

Aussie medics were slammed after leaving the semi-conscious runner unattended in the blistering sun for several minutes.

Former Olympic champion Steve Cram claimed it was "a disgrace" that paramedics took so long to treat him.

He fumed: "I'm just concerned for his welfare. He hit his head on the barrier. I'm sorry if you're watching this at home, it's really distressing. He's going to hurt himself and there's nobody anywhere near.

"We should have some more medical attention. This is a guy in real distress and someone needs to recognise it for his health at this point.

"Where on earth is the help? You cannot just wait at the finish line. They've got radios. And finally somebody arrives. I think it's disgraceful."

Viewers at home slammed paramedics and spectators for letting Hawkins suffer for so long.

One tweeted: "The people staring and taking pictures of Callum Hawkins on the floor, clearly struggling in the men's marathon is disgusting.

"Where the HELL are the medics? Absolutely disgraceful I am outraged. Needs to be investigated."

Another blasted: "Wtf am I watching! Callum Hawkins is in distress! Where are the medical team? People taking pictures, you’re a disgrace!!!"


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