Healthy and satisfied with his career, Carl Edwards walks away from NASCAR

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Healthy and satisfied with his career, Carl Edwards walks away from NASCAR

Carl Edwards said three main factors contributed to his sudden departure from the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

Edwards, who declined to use the word “retire” throughout his press conference Tuesday, confirmed that he wouldn’t be driving full-time in the Cup Series in 2017. He’ll be replaced by Xfinity Series champion Daniel Suarez in the No. 19 car.

Edwards’ decision to walk away from one of the most competitive rides in the Cup Series less than two months from the beginning of the 2017 season took many by surprise. But watching Edwards discuss his reasons for leaving, it was apparent that he’d given the decision countless hours of brainpower.

I need to take that time right now and devote it to people and things that are important to me. Things I am really passionate about.

And Edwards said hes happy to walk away from driving full-time while completely healthy.

I can stand here healthy and thats a testament after all the races Ive done and the stupid stuff Ive done in a race car, thats a true testament to NASCAR, to the tracks, to the people whove built my racecars, to the competitors and to the drivers who have come before me who havent been so fortunate.

Having said that though, its a risky sport. Im aware of the risks. I dont like how it feels to take the hits that we take and Im a sharp guy and I want to be a sharp guy in 30 years.


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Date Posted: Wed, 11 Jan 2017, 01:16 pm

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