Armie Hammer With a Hot Dog Cannon Were Oscars Favorites

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Armie Hammer With a Hot Dog Cannon Were Oscars Favorites

Armie Hammer has been chipping away at stardom for a while, taking roles in films like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Lone Ranger. Turns out, all the Call Me By Your Name actor really needed to do was find himself a hot dog cannon and start launching snacks at unsuspecting theatergoers. Who needs a leading role when food is what the people really want'

During a prank orchestrated by Jimmy Kimmel at the 90th Annual Oscars on Sunday night, Kimmel convinced a group of Hollywood's brightest stars to head across the street from the big event, instead crashing a theater of people watching A Wrinkle in Time. The most important part: the stars came bearing gifts of food. While Gal Gadot handed out Red Vines, however, it was Armie Hammer who stole the show, thanks to the giant hot dog cannon that he brought into the midst of the hungry audience. (Ansel Elgort had a hot dog cannon too, but it was Hammer who got all the attention.)

Bedlam reigned as food went flying everywhere ' and the non-celebrities expressed their shock at the icons in their midst. And it wasn't just the people in the theater who couldn't get over the surprise twist of events. Looks like Hammer will be remembered for this stunt for quite a while.

omg can you imagine being stoned in a movie theater and suddenly the lights come on, Armie Hammer walks in and throws a giant hot dog at your face

Armie Hammer with a hot dog cannon is everyone's default sexual orientation now


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