Roger Federer asked when he will retire after winning Australian Open heres his reply

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Roger Federer asked when he will retire after winning Australian Open heres his reply

Federer, 36, broke down in tears after beating Marin Cilic to lift his 20th Grand Slam title.Fans thought they had spotted a tell-tale sign that Federer was retiring as he didn't say on court that he'd see the fans the next year.The question of when the Swiss would call it a day was put to the man himself in his post-match press conference.Federer insists he doesn't know and said: "No idea. Honest, I don't know. I have no idea."I've won three Slams now in 12 months. I can't believe it myself.

"I just got to keep a good schedule, stay hungry, then maybe good things can happen. Then I don't think age is an issue, per se. It's just a number."But I need to be very careful in my planning, really decide beforehand what are my goals, what are my priorities. I think that's what's going to dictate how successful I will be."These are exciting times ahead. But, no, as a professional, it's what we do. But I'm happy I'm in that position right now."The fact Federer cried on the Rod Laver court convinced others this was the tennis legend's last Grand Slam in Australian.On why he was so teary-eyed, Federer explained: "I think what happened is I got to the finals very quickly. The semis was cut short. I had a lot of emotions left in me because I didn't have to go to extreme like last year against Nishikori, Stan, so forth.

Roger Federer broke down in tears after winning the Australian Open

"I think when it was all said and done, it reminded me very much of the Baghdatis final, which was tough. I was the favorite. I got to the finals in a really good manner. "Then when it was all said and done, Rocket gave me the trophy, I was standing in front of the people, I don't know, it's when it really hits me."When I start thinking about what I was going to say, every subject I touch actually is very meaningful and very emotional. Thanking your team, congratulating Marin, thanking the people, thanking the tournament. At the end it's like one big party."But I hoped over time in the speech I would start to relax a little bit, but I couldn't. It was what it was. I wish it wasn't so sometimes. At the same time I'm happy I can show emotions and share it with the people. "If I got emotional, it's because it was a full crowd again. No people in the stadium wouldn't make me emotional, I'll tell you that. This is for them really also."

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