Jamie Anderson Whats in My Bag

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Jamie Anderson Whats in My Bag

Heading into the Olympics, Jamie Anderson has an advantage. The snowboarder ' who's just won her second gold medal ' carries a religious charm and a lucky stone gifted by an ex-neighbor she's dubbed her Spirit Grandma. 'I don't have grandparents,' notes the pro, 27. 'So I've adopted her.'

Jamie Anderson: 7 Things You Never Knew About the Olympic Gold Medalist

Something's Brewing'I make a sweet tea out of goji berries. I'll just add oil and water over them and mix it into spring dragon tea.'

Tight-Knit Family'I usually carry some yarn from my mom's alpaca farm. She raises them, so I'll make myself hats from that yarn a lot.'

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson Reveals What She Cooks to Stay Fit

Chain Reaction'For when I want to meditate and chill out, I'll grab some mala beads. No matter where I am, I can relax.'


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