A French figure skaters worst nightmare came true when her costume malfunctioned in the middle of a Winter Olympics routine Video

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A French figure skaters worst nightmare came true when her costume malfunctioned in the middle of a Winter Olympics routine Video

Papadakis, 22, was competing with partner Guillaume Cizeron during the qualifying stage of the short program in the early hours of Monday morning.The pair are renowned as two of the best dancers on the planet but their path to Pyeongchang glory took a turn when Papadakis' costume came undone.The hook on her green-and-yellow outfit slipped off, causing it to fall down and her nipple to pop out.But with the routine in mid-flow, Papadakis kept her cool, reattached the hook before continuing and finishing second with a score of 81.93.The incident unfolded in pictures broadcast on live television across the world with slow-motion replays reportedly played in the arena.

Papadakis took the unfortunate situation in good spirits and said: "I felt it right away and prayed. It was pretty distracting."My worst nightmare at the Olympics. I told myself 'you have to keep going'."That's what we did, and we have to be proud of ourselves, delivering a great performance with that happening."It is a big distraction because I did not know I would keep my top until the end of the programme."We had no choice, we couldn't stop and we had to keep going. We did a good job at it."

Winter Olympic skater Gabriella Papadakis suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her routine

Partner Cizeron added: "It was a tough one considering the issue with the costume that we had but we still managed to keep our focus and enjoy the moment."It could have been better for sure but what is done is done and we have to look forward now. "Papadakis and Cizeron were competing at their first Winter Olympics and performed a samba-rhumba-samba to two Ed Sheeran hits. They were only beaten by Canada's Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir who posted a world record score of 83.67.The pair got plenty of support on Twitter as fans rushed to pay tribute to ice-cool Papadakis.

One wrote: "Gabriella Papadakis skating a full short program with a wardrobe malfunction is true heroism."Another said: "I feel so bad for Gabriella Papadakis with that wardrobe malfunction during their ice dance short program. But I applaud her for pushing through and never giving up till the end! #olympics #PyeongChang2018."While a fellow fan tweeted: "Poor Gabriella Papadakis. How distracting for her to try and skate with that happening to her dress."The pair go for gold at 1am on Tuesday morning.


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