Hear Mac Millers Three New Surprise Songs

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Hear Mac Millers Three New Surprise Songs

"Programs," "Buttons," "Small Worlds" mark rapper's first new music in two years

Mac Miller unveiled three new songs, "Programs," "Buttons" and "Small Worlds," marking his first solo music since 2016.

Rapper also talks dating Ariana Grande, owning his white-MC status and more

"Programs" finds Miller breezing over a punchy beat, announcing his return with one-liners like, "Floating back up on the scene, I'm saying hello/ Doing the thing, I'm pulling the strings like Tom Morello."

"Buttons" is a steadier cut centered around a woozy piano loop. Miller mixes blunt boasts with meditations on fame, spitting, "I run around with open scissors/ They taking pictures/ I could lose my head, it grow instead/ Gets only bigger/ I put one foot in front of the other/ I never settle."

"Small Worlds" captures a similar vibe with its dusty drums, prickly guitar and cheery soul flourishes, and Miller even mixes his bars with a bit of crooning.


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Date Posted: Wed, 30 May 2018, 03:21 pm

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