Camila Cabello Can't Write Music About Things She Doesn't Actually Feel

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If there’s one thing Camila Cabello promises in her new music, it’s honesty.

The 20-year-old former Fifth Harmony member had been writing songs for years about her experiences, and now she’s getting ready to share those stories through music.

“I can’t write about anything that I don’t feel,” Camila told Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. “I’ve always been just writing feelings or thoughts or emotions in my notes in my phone. So, basically I had all of this stuff accumulated from three years of just writing while I was on tour with the group, and when I went into the studio I just looked though all of my notes was just like, wow, it just took me on the journey of how I was feeling with everything, everything that caused me any sort of emotion.”


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Date Posted: Sun, 11 Jun 2017, 09:43 am

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