Should the Vikings try to sign Dez Bryant

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Should the Vikings try to sign Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant has been released by the Dallas Cowboys.

Pro Football Talk (PFT) says the decision to dump Bryant makes sense for the Cowboys because he was due to make $12.5 million next season, and his production hasn't been near the level it was before he signed a five-year, $70 million contract in 2015.

PFT doesn't think Bryant will get anywhere near $12.5 million wherever he signs as a free agent, so the obvious question has to be asked: should the Vikings consider signing Bryant at a discounted price?

Before we answer that, consider a couple of things:

    Bryant walked out the door saying he'll see the Cowboys twice this year, according to a Cowboys team reporter. That would indicate that he's signing with a team in the NFC East (the Eagles?).
    Saints head coach Sean Payton immediately started following Bryant on Twitter after news of Bryant's release, so interest from around the league will likely be everywhere.

Imagine how nasty the Eagles will be with Dez Bryant. Remember, that's the same offense that torched the Vikings and Patriots in the playoffs, and they're getting MVP candidate Carson Wentz back from an ACL.

The Eagles or Saints, who nearly beat Minnesota in the playoffs, would make the NFC even more difficult to navigate next season.



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Date Posted: Fri, 13 Apr 2018, 05:13 pm

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