Mysuru sex racket victim names Mandya Ramesh Sadhu Kokila Bangalore Mirror

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Mysuru sex racket victim names Mandya Ramesh Sadhu Kokila Bangalore Mirror

The sex scandal that was unravelled in Mysuru on Wednesday, is turning out to be a shocker for Sandalwood as the victim has revealed the names of two of the most popular comedians, who were allegedly involved in the racket.

The girl who was rescued from a spa during a CCB raid, has said Mandya Ramesh and Sadhu Kokila were part of the prostitution racket too. Both the actors have refuted the claims.

Police had raided the Like Trend Family Saloon on the outskirts and arrested the owners of the spa, Rajesh and his wife Indira (Jinke) for running a brothel. A girl belonging to Pandavapura village near Mandya was rescued and she alleged had said Sandalwood actors used to visit the spa regularly and were involved in the sex racket.

That the names of popular actors like Mandya Ramesh and Sadhu Kokila figure in this sordid tale, has shaken Sandalwood’s foundation.

Sources told Bangalore Mirror, “Actor Mandya Ramesh has a close association with Rajesh and wife Indira. Even the saloon was inaugurated by the actor. Mandya Ramesh was spotted visiting the saloon on a regular basis for body massages and knew fully well that a prostitution ring was operating from the saloon.”

The girl is said to have told the police that Rajesh had asked her to sleep with the two actors. She has said they used to harass her during the massage sessions too.
She has also accused them of having offered her money for sexual favours.

“The allegations against me are baseless. Yes, I have inaugurated the saloon and had visited once. I don’t know this girl at all. I have not seen her too, so I do not know why she is making false allegations against me.”

“I have always respected women and these kind of allegations have hurt me badly. I feel sorry about the girl’s situation. I didn’t know that prostitution was being run in that saloon. Police should take proper action against whoever is responsible for this and the victim must get justice,” he added. Even Sadhu Kokila has denied the claims.


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Date Posted: Sun, 24 Dec 2017, 10:27 am

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