Luke Kuechly’s scary injury casts cloud over Panthers’ win against Saints

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The Panthers got a win they desperately needed on Thursday night, but the victory was overshadowed by an injury to star linebacker Luke Kuechly, who had to be carted off the field.

Football is a game filled with clichés that are impossible to avoid. You “gotta go for it” on some fourth downs. Receivers “catch the ball at its highest point.” When a player goes down, “it’s next man up.”

The next-man-up idea is a cold reality in football. Injuries are inevitable in this brutal sport and replacement players are necessary. If they subscribe to the next-man-up mentality, then the unit should not miss a beat, the team should win the game and you go on to next week.


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Date Posted: Fri, 18 Nov 2016, 07:28 am

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