Jake Owen on the Importance of ‘Dad Time’ with Daughter Pearl — and How He’s ‘Rebuilding’ His Career

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Jake Owen has a lot of love for all of the cities he plays, but there’s one that he always gets especially excited about: Chicago.

“It’s my favorite place to play in the country,” says Owen, who is headlining the Windy City Smokeout on Friday. “From day one they just embraced me. When a big city like Chicago wraps their arms around you, it really helps you build a following. It feels like going home when I go back there.”

He’s also not afraid to play tourist while he’s there. “I’ve done everything from take the river tour, to shopping, to the museum,” Owen, 35, says. “There’s so much culture there.”

There’s one Chicago tradition though that he doesn’t always get to take advantage of. “I’ve been on a pretty good health kick for quite some time, but maybe I’ll have a nice big slice of deep dish pizza — if it’s a cheat day.”


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Date Posted: Wed, 12 Jul 2017, 04:34 pm

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