5 Things to Know about the Calif. Teen Who Allegedly Live-Streamed Crash That Killed Little Sister

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5 Things to Know about the Calif. Teen Who Allegedly Live-Streamed Crash That Killed Little Sister

California teen Obdulia Sanchez is behind bars after authorities allege she drunkenly crashed her car into a field last week, killing her younger sister and injuring another passenger.

Footage later surfaced online allegedly showing Sanchez, 18, live-streaming video of before and after the crash, including her with her sister’s mortally wounded body.

Here are five things to know about the case.
1. Was Alcohol Involved?

Authorities say Obdulia Sanchez was driving with her 14-year-old sister, Jacqueline, and another 14-year-old girl on Friday about 6:40 p.m. in Los Banos, California, when she lost control of her vehicle, ejecting both passengers, who were not wearing seat belts.

2. Video Apparently Shows the Wreck in Real-Time

Sanchez was allegedly streaming video of herself to Instagram before the crash and then apparently resumed filming soon after, according to footage that has been posted online.

3. ‘Jacqueline, Please Wake Up’

In video after the crash, Sanchez appears to speak calmly at first and then grows increasingly emotional. “Hey, everybody, if I go to f—— jail for life, you already know why,” she says.

4. Dad Speaks Out: ‘I Think She Doesn’t Know What Happened’

Sanchez’s father, Nicandro Sanchez, told KFSN that she is trying to come to grips with the crash.

“I think she doesn’t know what happened,” he said. “What I think is she knows she’s done something wrong. Because she knows, and that’s what I feel. She feels bad for herself, but she killed her own sister.”

5. Victim Had Big Plans, ‘Would Always Make You Smile’

Jacqueline, who was going into the 10th grade, wanted to be an actress or a singer, her family told KFSN. They were planning on celebrating her confirmation on Saturday and were also preparing for her quinceañera — her 15th birthday.


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