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Julianna Rose Mauriello

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Stephanie is a fictional main character from the children's television show LazyTown. She inspires the citizens of LazyTown to stay active. She has pink hair and is often referred to as 'Pinky' by Trixie. She came to town to visit her uncle, Milford Meanswell, the mayor of LazyTown. At first, no matter how much Stephanie tried, she couldn't get the others to play along, so she asked for Sportacus' help. When Sportacus finally arrived, the whole town worked together to make LazyTown the best place to live. The show always ends with Stephanie performing a song and dance routine to "Bing Bang", the show's ending theme, which begins with the lyrics "Bing, bang, diggiriggidong."

Date of Birth:

Zodiac Sign:


Place of Birth:

Irvington, New York, U.S.A.


33 years old

Born Name:

Julianna Rose Mauriello



Eyes Color:

Brown - Dark

Hair Color:

Brown - Dark



Other Professions:

Actress, Singer, Dancer

Years Active:


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